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The main reason for the neglect of the Golden Mosque isn't a lack of funds. The administration siphons thousands of dollars monthly from random Muslim tourists and governments. The problem is that no matter how sincerely they promise and how many contracts they sign nothing ever gets done.
The money goes into the pockets of the admin and never goes to really doing anything for the Mosque or the impoverished community.

The only way to effect major change would be for a Muslim orgnaization to go directly to the local community government and propose a renovation project and secure police to guard the site while it is in progress. Hire the workers locally and bring in the materials and DO IT ALL YOURSELF. Don't give any money to anyone at Quiapo Mosque because it'll just end up in someone's pocket and not the pockets of those who really need it.

There's a saying among the Muslims in Manila that it is a fatwa by the officials of the community which makes it haraam to complete a Mosque.

As for the pornography, it makes me sick to see this kind of stuff being sold by Muslims; but it is very dangerous to criticize them for it, even as a fellow Muslim.

Most of the local Muslims are less involved in the religion and more involved in their own tribe.

Insh'Allah we'll see a change to that, already there is a ripple of an internal dawah movement which is turning people back toward the religion and a clean life.

dodong flores

Interesting. So beautiful inside. when we get there, are we not required to remove our footwears upon entering the place? I might be having problem removing my boots (it's time consuming doing it).


I've always wanted to visit this place. I really should do another tour of Manila. I hope that Lim would restore these structures and revive Manila in its glory.


The inside is indeed beautiful. It's a shame that the outside has been neglected and no longer reflects the beauty of it's interior.


WoW...some beautifully captured shots as usual...EXCELLENT!


looks like a lovely the last two showing the ornate inner architecture...

Ashish Sidapara

I have been to just one in my life, have to admit, the artwork is stunning!


I know there is a mosque somewhere in Manila but never saw it before. I agree the interior is huge and beautiful. It's a pity the exterior has deteriorated.


An impressive mosque even with the neglect. The interior is beautiful. I wonder what the minaret is made of that would rust. Fine series again!


Ils n'arrivent pas à trouver des fonds? Pourtant il y a de l'argent dans les pays arabes ;-)


I have never seen that mosque. Thanks for taking me to a tour of another place in Manila again Sydney. :) Sayang nga if it's more like the rusted mosque than the golden mosque.


Comme tu le soulignes, cette mosquée a besoin d'une bonne restauration pour retrouver son éclat brillantissime.
Kadafi pourrait donner un peu d'argent pour ce faire avec tout le paquet qu'il a dû recevoir de la France pour la libération des infirmières bulgares.


yeah,it looks like a rusted mosque,rather than a golden mosque...imelda just wasted the country`s money,there were lots of things to be done,it would be tough to maintain the minaret.

great pics as usual!!


ineresting to see a side of the country that i hadn't thought much previously about - what proportion of the locals is Muslim?


I like looking at minarets. They are the equivalent of the Catholic churches' towers or belfries, right? Minarets seem more imposing though. :)


Peut-on la visiter si on est Chrétien non pratiquant ?

Suby & Sinem

Interesting architecture Sidney :D


thats a huge place. nice shots!


imelda has diverted gold of the minaret for its collection of jewels and shoes, maybe.. interesting story.. but americans..they could send some money to restore it from Mindanao...:-)

imelda has diverted gold of the minaret for its collection of jewels and shoes, maybe.. interesting story.. but americans..they could send some money to restore it from Mindanao...:-)


sidney, i've yet to take a picture of that mosque facade. only have one from the pasig river. are you also going to cover la naval on sunday? do let me know.

btw, can you also link up my alternate blog paetechie? :)


Amazing colours and patterns on the Mosque. No doubt it will be restored at some point.


Nice shot's but I especially love the last one!


Interesting mosque. The dome could regain its splendor if actions to care of it starts. It'd be nice to see the golden dome though.


I didnt know there is a mosque in Manila but anyway it is beautiful nonetheless. Btw I am the Phils. now in Cebu

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